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Sakal Agrovon features Life Link's SBT

Dr. Biplab Patnaik - one of "50 Most Impactful Leaders in Water & Water Management"

Dr. Biplab Patnaik, Founder & Managing Director of Life Link was selected and awarded as one of the "50 Most Impactful Leaders in Water & Water Management" at the World CSR Congress 2016 held on 17 & 18 Feb 2016 at Taj Land’s End, Mumbai.

Life Link's SBT Systems finds place in GRIHA SUMMIT 2016

Griha Summit 2016

The Private Forests of Koyna Valley

The verdant forests of Koyna Valley form a part of the Western Ghats (or colloquially in India, the Sahyadhris) – a mountain range that runs parallel to the Western coast of the Indian Peninsula. The Western Ghats are recognized as one of the International Hotspots Biodiversity, and is home to several rare and endangered species of plants and animals, some of which, like the Malabar Giant Squirrel, are endemic to this area.

Life Link and SBT on Zee News

Life Link's Soil Biotechnology (SBT) based STP at Govardhan Eco Village (GEV) was covered by Zee News 24 Hours (Marathi) TV Channel and was aired on the weekly show called Nisargsathi on 30 May 2015.

Mr. Kiran Patil, an old-time adviser to Life Link was featured on the show in the live interview.

We are proud to be seen as news makers on the social and ecological fronts...

Maharashtra Times features Life Link's SBT

‘IFOAM - Organics International’ Supports ‘The Letter from America’

‘IFOAM – Organics International’ is supporting ‘The Letter from America’, an open letter from 57 million Americans to the citizens, politicians, and regulators of the UK and the rest of the European Union, highlighting the hazards of genetically modified crops and calling on them not to follow the US example when it comes to GMOs.

Forest Foods Festival

Sri Aurobindo Society, Delhi is organising a Forest Foods and Ecology Festival from 12 to 14 Dec 2014.There will be over 1,000 varieties of forest foods from more than a dozen states on display in open interactive spaces.Entry is free.Visit this Facebook Page for more info...

Bolivia passes "Law of Mother Earth"

The Law of Mother Earth holds the land as sacred and holds it as a living system with rights to be protected from exploitation, and creates 11 distinguished rights for the environment.

Vultures remarkably tolerant to Deadly Bacteria

A new study of microorganisms living on the skin and in the intestines of North America vultures has revealed that  that millions of years of eating decaying, contaminated flesh have not only given vultures a strong tolerance to bacterial toxins, but that these birds have perhaps harnessed the decaying power of pathogenic bacteria, allowing vultures to absorb more nutrients from the food they eat.

The study was published today in the journal Nature Communications

Black vultures (Flickr photo by e_monk)



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