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Shit! Its Profitable

Bengaluru farmers have revived the practice of using human excreta as manure. This has created an informal economy that is benefiting many

Knowledge Workshop on Green CSR

Attend this Worshop at Mumbai on 03 Dec 14 if you are seeking Green CSR Solutions beyond just the cosmetic and token activities.

A Silent Global Warming Story

A less obvious but probably significant source of methane may lie in the gasses released from anaerobic waste water management systems

The Man who makes Instant Forests

Shubhendu Sharma's Afforestt, a for-profit enterprise has evolved a process to create a mini-forest ecosystem anywhere - in just 20 months!

Organic Food Healthier – proves Newcastle University report

A study by Newcastle University, UK, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, has proved that organically grown food is nutritionaly far superior and contains far less toxic ingredients

A story behind the story

There is a story behind Life Link's Soil Biotechnology (SBT) Systems finding a place in Habitat supplement of The Hindu newspaper

Soil Biotechnology (SBT) featured in "The Hindu"

Soil Biotechnology has been featured in "Habitat" pullout section of "The Hindu" newspaper this week.

Life Link SBT Contributes to win Award for water conservation

Life Link Soil Biotechnology STP contributed to ISKCON Govardhan Eco Village winning SKOCH Platinum Award 2013 for the Water Conservation.


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