Natural System Based Waste Water Treatment for Onsite Sanitation

Our vision is to decentralize the waste management process and mitigate the severe problems at the source of waste itself.

Single Family Sanitation Unit

Conventional system of sewer networks is not able to handle the waste properly. Around 70% of the waste goes to rivers and other water bodies untreated. In addition, storage of waste in septic tank leads to mosquito breeding, groundwater contamination, toxic gas emissions and several other problems directly affecting our health. 

Our innovative product has been designed for in-situ domestic wastewater treatment at household level. The product releases water fit for use for gardening, flushing, groundwater recharge and other secondary purposes.

The product can replace/retrofit conventional septic tank and is an ideal solution for small/large habitations which are not connected to sewer system either by choice or due to feasibility challenges. 

Our solution is based on ecological principles and do not require mechanization leading to minimal operational and maintenance costs

In situ Waste Treatment Solution for Restrooms

Our in-situ waste treatment solution for restrooms is designed for small-scale treatment. 

The solution is suitable for areas where sludge handling is a majorchallenge since the system do not generate sludge (septage). Inaddition, our micro water management model saves every drop of watermaking it ideal for the water stressed regions. 

The product can be retrofitted in existing restrooms.

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