Natural System Based Used Water Treatment for Onsite Sanitation

Zero D Green restroom, Bathing Complex/Arena and Washing Ghat/Arena are innovatively designed main public facilities with the feature of tapping the wastewater and water recycle system.

In villages, there is no planning for organized collection and management of wastewater which isleading to water stressed situation. However, intelligent planning and highly sustainable eco-friendly used water treatment facility can lead to proper wastewater management, effective conservation and utilization of water.

Our micro water management model saves every drop of water and is useful for water stressed regions.

Working of Rural Wastewater treatment Sanitation


Bathing Complex

Public facility designed for users (of a village /community /hamlet) with a motto of ‘Conserve every drop of water while you socialize’.

  • Provides high level of sanitation along with moderate luxury
  • Designed for complete privacy and safety
  • Separate waiting area and space for personal belongings
  • Bio fence for clean area inside the complex
  • Complete ventilation & air quality management
  • Separate area for toddlers

Washing Ghats

The washing ghat has ergonomic architecture with water conservation and water reuse facility.

  • Centralized Washing ghat facility
  • Complete water management and recycling
  • No groundwater contamination
  • Synthetic chemicals free treatment process
  • No water storage and management hassle for users

Zero D Green Toilet

Public toilet facility designed for users with a motto to ‘Conserve every drop of water while you socialize’.

  • No septage sludge generation hence no waste handling required
  • Minimal GHG footprint (No CH4emission)
  • Anti-microbial surfaces and sanitary-ware
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • Natural indoor air detoxification
  • Urea capture from urine for slow-release fertilizer
  • Total water recycle
  • IOT based monitoring
  • Minimal electricity consumption
  • Water quality and air quality monitoring system

Zero D green public toilet complex has novelty of in-situ waste management characterized by no sludge/ septage generation, minimal GHG footprints, natural odour management and sanitation without synthetic toxic chemicals. The complex is designed for public/community use which has an integrated used water treatment and water recycle system.

Zero D green toilet complex provides sustainable sanitation solution and redefines the experience of public/community toilets. It is not only user friendly but also a desirable choice instead of helplessness.

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