Precision Filtration Solutions in WTP and Tertiary Treatment System

As a groundwater potability enhancement we have provided water quality improvement solutions to food industries in Karnataka. The source of water was in middle of agricultural field hence therewas high chances of agricultural runoff contaminating the groundwater. With the help of our solution, a unique natural taste and zero bacteria state without use of any chemicals wasachieved, with water quality parameters as per BIS standards.

Surface/Groundwater Potability Enhancement

The conventional water treatment solutions practiced throughout the country is primarily aimed at suspended solids removal from source water followed by chlorination before supplying to the consumer.However, it has led to contamination of natural sources of water such as river and ground water with scores of dissolved pollutants.

We provide water potability enhancement system for richness of minerals and natural taste of treated groundwater. Our water potability treatment system looks like a garden from outside and has less operating and maintenance cost in comparison to RO system.

Total Suspended Solids Separation Using Mechanical Precision Filtration System

Suspended Solids can create more maintenance cost in SBT plants, especially clogging of sprinklers and choking of filter surface. With completely manual or fully automated options, we expect a high ROI and following deliverables:

  • Significant reduction in water consumption
  • Prolongation of equipment life
  • Lower operational costs
  • Major reduction in footprint

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