Natural System Based Solid Waste Treatment

Soil Biotechnology based solution systems stand out as a sustainable and cost-effective indigenous solution to the problem of management of used water specific to the Indian climatic, social and environmental conditions.

SBT harnesses the bioenergy in organic matter by integrating the elements of a productive soil ecosystem viz. soil bacteria, select earthworm and plant species and mineral nutrients. Litter pests indicate over loaded process and warrant corrective measures. Biocarbon energy contained in the waste is tapped to unlock plant nutrients from minerals, fix atmospheric nitrogen and produce metabolites to be assimilated by plants and thus prevent wasteful dissipation of the carbon energy. Presence of select aerobic bacteria and mineral additives prevent foul odor in the process.

Two grades of bio-fertiliser can be harvested from Life Link’s Soil Biotechnology process, namely, Fertilizer Grade and Culture Grade, depending on the end use application desired. The SBT waste processing area is thus developed into a green belt or garden, which easily integrates into any existing landscape.

The end uses of the bio-fertilsier include agriculture, horticulture, wasteland development and public sanitation.

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