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June 15, 1900
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June 15, 1900

‘IFOAM – Organics International’ Supports ‘The Letter from America’

‘IFOAM – Organics International’ is supporting ‘The Letter from America’, an open letter from 57 million Americans to the citizens, politicians, and regulators of the UK and the rest of the European Union, highlighting the hazards of genetically modified crops and calling on them not to follow the US example when it comes to GMOs.

‘The Letter from America’ is a fully referenced letter detailing the problems and challenges that American farmers, consumers and others have faced since the first commercialized genetically engineered crops were planted almost two decades ago.

Signed by groups and individuals representing 57 million members and supporters at its launch, the Letter continues to gather momentum; its current representative signature count is more than 60 million.

The Letter argues, amongst other things, that GM crops have never delivered on their promises to increase yields and profits or to decrease pesticide use. In fact, they have done the opposite with the cost of growing GM crops now greater than conventional crops in the US and pesticide use 24% higher amongst GM farmers than non-GM farmers planting the same crops.

You can read the full letter here….
You can access the Press Release of IFOAM – Organics International here……

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