SBT at Govardhan Eco Village
June 15, 1900
Life Link’s SBT Systems finds place in GRIHA SUMMIT 2016
June 15, 1900

Sakal Agrovon features Life Link’s SBT

A leading journalist from The Sakal Group has visited Govardhan Eco Village (GEV) and had discussions with Dr. Biplab Patnaik, Founder MD and CEO of Life Link.

The outcome has been this wonderful article published in Marathi in Sakal’s Agrovon Supplement (Pune Edition) on Monday, 12 Sep 2016 of Life Link’s SBT STP Systems and the person behind it, titled … घनकचरा, सांडपाणी व्यवस्थापनासाठी “सॉईल बायोटेकनॉलॉगी” (Soil Biotechnology – for Management of Sewage and Food Wastes)

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